Do you want an easy to use and economical software for the management of your parking?

Find out now how to do with NetParking

NetParking is a software for managing parking, garages, garages, with hourly calculations and / or a fixed fee. " NetParking is very powerful, it works with any type of PC, smartphone or tablet, you just need to be connected to the internet, it takes care of everything else.
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Your parking always ready

You will never have problems with PCs again, NetParking works online on our servers (it has been online for 15 years without ever blocking), if a PC has a problem just replace it or continue to manage the parking with any smartphone or tablet or other PC waiting to replace the broken pc; your parking will never be stopped.
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Use only what you need

The program is modular, you can enter, in addition to the basic functions, only what you need for your parking lot or we can add customized functions for your particular business. So you will have a lean software, reduce operator errors and have everything under control in a simple and fast way.
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Online payments

More and more customers in your parking lot with online payments. NetParking, in addition to internal management, provides you with a customizable form that you can publish on your site and immediately start accepting bookings and payments directly online with any credit card, paypal, or leave the option to pay in the car park upon arrival.
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Your data always safe

Safety first of all. NetParking is on our professional servers which, in addition to offering you an excellent level of positioning on search engines, allow you to have automated daily data backups, you will not have to do anything, seven copies of your parking data, customers, reservations, price lists etc. . they will always be available if needed.

Management of time slots

Do you have multiple time slots with different prices or do you want online customers not to be able to book while the car park is closed? For NetParking this is not a problem.

Management of entry and exit of vehicles from the parking lot

Simplified display and printing of cars entering and exiting the car park with calendar for the visualization of the future flow so as to organize operators and shuttles. Free or occupied seats are automatically updated both locally and online.

Reach the parking lot easily

Each booking sends the customer a communication of booking confirmation with the details, the map to reach the car park, the rules and any other information you may wish to give. The car park also receives a notification of the reservation with its details.

Problems managing your receipts?

NetParking, in addition to the possibility of managing the fiscal funds for printing the receipt, has its own internal cash desk for viewing the receipts divided by each operator and by working time band.

Don't be afraid to get bigger

NetParking is a modular software, you can add functions as you need them and we can also develop customized features for your parking. You can manage multiple operators and even simultaneous accesses of multiple operators at the same time even from different locations.

Additional modules

Among the additional modules (constantly evolving) to manage your car park, we have developed these in collaboration with the largest car parks in Italy: bar code to immediately find the reservation and manage it, management of the key ring, exporting customers for promotional newsletters, digital signature on booking, tax office, progressive invoicing, stall management, promotions management, customer loyalty, bookings recovery from comparative portals, rental management and much more ... you just have to tell us what you want to do, we'll take care of the rest :)

Electronic invoicing

NetParking helps you manage your parking even with electronic billing. Fully compatible with all the standards of the Revenue Agency, Netparking allows you to manage invoices with electronic xml standard, or send them directly to the exchange system through our dedicated channel, without annual or periodic billing limits.

100 ‰ Italian

Our software is 100% Italian, developed by Italian programmers. You will always have qualified Italian assistance, by mail, telephone, 24 hours a day. We are in Pisa :)

Don't have a website?

Increase the chance of having customers online. We can build customized, engaging and search engine optimized websites so that you can retrieve reservations for your online parking. Our company specializes in their creation and positioning, you will be followed step by step and always 100%.